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SG Brand & Sales Management LTD is proud to drive positive environmental and social change in our organization and our world.

We are and represent companies founded on talent, innovation and celebration of the individual. We recognize that as our company grows, so do our responsibilities, and we welcome the opportunity to do more. We believe that sound environmental and social policies are ethically sound and fiscally responsible. To that end, we are committed to improving the way we work to improve the world we live in.

To underscore and expand on these far-reaching commitments, we are pleased to present our corporate social responsibility strategy, which includes meaningful and measurable goals across a range of important environmental and social sustainability issues.

Our corporate social responsibility strategy is divided into three areas:

  • Our World - focuses on actions across our operations and supply chain to significantly reduce our environmental impact.

  • Our community - promoting a supportive, healthy, diverse and inclusive workplace for all of our employees.

  • Our philanthropy - connecting the talents, energy and success of our brands to those in need around the world.

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